Software Engineering & Consultancy

I assist individual or corporation software solutions.
My purpose is, satisfy customer requirement with high quality products and services.
From 2006 as freelance software developer; The last 10 years most of my projects where around these technologies and that's what my expertiese. In this time frame I have complete several projects and providing ongoing support for public websites, data connections ERP applications, Network&System Architecture. I have worked with both frontend (HTML, CSS, Javascript) as with backend (Java, SQL server, C#) systems for several customers en different processes work with smaller and larger teams.

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My Portfolio of Work

I've shared my portfolio into common selections so that you can find the most relevant samples quickly. If you don't see something on one of these pages and would like more information, please don't hesitate to ask!

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Berkay's Resume

I have a broad range of experience and a passion for technology in business. I often refer to myself as the perfect balance between the geek in IT and the strategist in business management. I enjoy both the thrill of getting a newly developed solution online and the challenge of business development.

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